Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Cruise: Day 6, San Juan, Puerto Rico

So, on the next day of the cruise we went to San Juan, Puerto Rico. We had booked a trip to see the highlights of the city. The first stop on our highlights trip was the El Yunque National Rainforest! We went to a little observation center to learn a few things about the local rainforest, and then we went to a lookout tower called the Yokahu Tower.

This pic is of Mom at the tower site. Below is a pic of the view from the tower. It was so beautiful.

 Mom's knees were too sore for her to climb all 99 steps of the tower, so I climbed to the top and she stayed at the bottom. This was a pic I took from the top of her sitting at the bottom waiting for me to come back down. The picture below is what the tower looked like. It was pretty awesome.

After the lookout tower we went to Cascada La Coca (which in english is La Coca Falls). Here are pics of Mom and I in front of the waterfall. It was really pretty as well.

Our guide for the trip was named Maria and she was really nice. She was smart and had lots of interesting facts about the places we went to. Here she is. :D

After that we went to this old fort that was a National Historic Site. It was pretty cool. This pic on the left is of me at the fort. Turns out that there are several forts in San Juan, but we only went to the one because it was so HOT! Below is a pic of Mom at the fort. So cool.

So that night we saw that they were having karaoke with a live band again, which is something that they had on the first night. I really had wanted to do it then, but I was too chicken, so this time, I did it! I sang "Old Time Rock'n'Roll' originally by Bob Seger. I even convinced Mom to do it too (although she didn't want to go up alone, so I joined her). She sang "Gimme One Reason" by Tracy Chapman. Sadly neither of us brought our cameras to the event, but we made friends with these other two women who were there and they emailed us some pics. Thanks again Lisa and Linda!!

We got these really cool tags that said "artist" on them for singing. Here I am testing to see if mine is real gold (not sure why I would think that, it wasn't even gold colour - so, not surprisingly, it wasn't real gold either) 

Our animal that night was a monkey! Here is the little dude trying on my artist badge. :D
Next post, Grand Turk!

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