Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Cruise: Day 7, Grand Turk Island, Turks and Caicos Islands

So, the next day we went to Grand Turk, which was amazing. The section of the island that we went to was a private area so the number of ships there was only 2 as opposed to the 6 or 8 we were with on the other islands. It was so pretty. This is the view from the ship. There was no one on the beach yet and it just looked so calm and peaceful.

Here is a picture of us getting off the ship.
We spent the day just lounging on the beach . Here are pics of us in front of the cruise ship.
 These are our friends Lisa and Linda who took the pics of us singing.
 Then, after we had spent enough time getting crispy (actually, we never got sunburned at all during the whole trip - go us!) we went toMargaritaville and got some food. Yummy nachos. Overall it was a pretty lazy day.
That night we still had to get our last murder mystery clue -did I mention that? They had a really fun murder mystery that started at the beginning and we had to talk to a bunch of random crew members on board to get clues and then we turned in our slips to try to win a prize! Anyway, we met the Cruise Director - Big Sexy (yeah, that's his nickname) Josh Waitzman and he gave us the last clue we needed and he also gave us cool cruise medals.
 The show that night had a water component and we sat in the 'splash zone' so we had to wear ponchos. So fun.

We got to meet the performers afterwards. Here is me with one of the dancers. She was really nice. Seems like it would be a really awesome, fun job. At least for a while.

Our animal that night was a stingray.
Next stop (well, it's not a stop really) Sea Day!

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