Monday, July 29, 2013

The New List for This Year

I am making a new goal list. It is still only going to be 30 things long because, well, I didn't even do all of those so I don't think adding another one will make a difference.  I have taken some off last year's list even though I didn't do them, just because I have changed my mind a bit about what I want to do.And just as a side note, some of these are things that I have done before but I just want to do within this year as well (yeah, I have seen a play before, no worries). Thanks for reading! Can't wait to get on some of these.

1.    Run another 5k – get a better time than before
2.       Run a 10k
3.   Make some freezer meals and eat more at home
4.       Publish a work of fiction (self-publishing okay)
5.       Do 10,000 steps a day for 100 days in a row
6.     Pay off student and car loans
7.     Take an A&P class
8.   Read more books than I did last year (last year's total was 30)
9.     Watch the American Film Institute’s Entire Top 100 list
10.    Get CPR certified 
11.    Recreate a photo from my childhood
12.    Learn how to play the guitar
13.  Organize my hard drive
14.    Get HCA certified
15.    Go to a concert for someone I haven’t seen yet
16.    Take a yoga class
17.    Keep in better touch with friends – try at least once a month to communicate with everyone
18.    Do a 30 day photo challenge
19.    Paint a self-portrait 
20.    Write and send a letter to a favourite author
21.  Re-do the kitchen where I am living
22.  Do better at blogging - either a 30 challenge or once a week for a certain period of time (undecided)
23.  Finish the family newsletter
24.  Enter some pictures in the local fair (Carmangay fair)
25.  Work on filling my savings account
26.  Paint the rest of the apartment
27.  Re-do the kitchen table and chairs
28. Learn to speak another language (Spanish or French)
29. Donate blood (several times)
30. Go to a play
*31. Meet Paula Abdul (with Rachel Page and Molly Pettis and anyone else cool who wants to/can afford to come distract the security guards for me)


Erin Shaw said...

Awesome list! It is very inspiring!

exclusive_remedy said...

Thanks Erin! Should be fun to get some of it done.

molly said...

I want to meet Paula Abdul with you and Rachel. pretty please?!?

exclusive_remedy said...

Molly - edit made!

Melanie said...

I just nominated you for a blogging award :)