Saturday, December 06, 2008


So, last night my friends and I went to see Australia. We went based a little bit on a whim - we wanted to do something but I was feeling kinda lazy and so I didn't want to go bowling like they did. Anyway, we watched the preview and my one friend was a bit annoyed because Hugh Jackman was so scruffy in it - but then there was one shining moment where he had a shaved face, so she said it was okay and we went. It was way good. Hugh has some very nice glamour shots in it! Oh yeah! But dang it was long. There were about three times when I thought it was ending and then - surprise - there is another scene! I liked it though.

In other news - last night was the Ward Christmas party. It was fun. I always love free food! Woot! Can't complain about that. And it was really good food too - salad, veggies, baked potatoes, ham, rolls and dessert. And Martinelli's. :D Tonight I am volunteering to serve dinner at another Ward's Christmas dinner. I think they are going to feed us too, which will be nice.

Today the only thing I did - other than sleep - is get my cv ready. I am so ready for another job because my boss is a bit hard to deal with sometimes. Also, I just feel like for all the work I do I get paid beans. And I know that we didn't get this one grant funded so there is not much of a chance I am going to get a raise. And let's face it, times are tough. Financially I mean. So I wouldn't complain about more money.

Well, I am off to serve, I will update again later. I plan to do so more often (although I sucked at keeping those plans before - lol)

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