Monday, December 08, 2008

Procrastination Station

Well, here I am, t minus 2 hours and counting until my final in my A&P class and I am procrastinating studying. Don't freak out too much mom, I have studied a bit, I am just procrastination studying anymore. So I thought I would check me email and my facebook and my blog again (see previous post) and there was nothing good, so what do I do next? I write a blog entry.

Things are going okay here in Mandi-land. My friend Mark bought Rock Band and so we have been having fun playing the drums and singing the last couple of days (we still have fun playing the guitars, but we did that anyway). I wish I was doing that instead of taking a test tonight - but oh well. I can later since this is the last class. Now I am trying to sell the darn books from the class and all I can say is - go! Sell my blasted book for me!

I am feeling pretty broke right now anyway, which is sucky when you are trying to figure out Christmas presents but there are no dolla dolla bills anywhere. Blech. Oh well I guess, I will just have to make do. I have been trying to find a good stuffed monkey for my nephew since he was born and today I was in Kohl's and I saw the perfect one for only $5. It is a stuffed Curious George monkey - but it is the right size and cuddly, so I think I will go back and get it when I get paid. Yes, I am that broke that I can't even afford a $5 monkey. Shut up.

Friday night is going to be a Christmas party at the house of one of the guys in the ward and it should be way fun. There is going to be a live band, and then karaoke to follow, and there will be all sorts of games and food and activities. It should be awe-some! (yes I sang that as I typed). I am looking forward to it. And I am getting my stupid tooth fixed the day before that so I will be able to actually eat with both sides of my mouth at the party. That is even better.

Anyway, I guess I better get back to studying (happy now Mom?) but I will update again later. :D


Chelsea said...

I thought i should comment so you know that it's not just yer mom that reads your blog, friend. I do, too! I have that curious jorge monkey! I got it for my nephew's birthday {which was in Oct} but it's still sitting on my nightstand, collecting monkey dust.

I know what you mean about the $. I had a minor freak out today when I looked at our bank accounts. Crimony. And I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet, either. So so stupid. I hate not having money.

Study. Although, you're probably taking the test right now or even done with it, so I hope you did swell.

Christina Munyan said...

Wait...what happened to your tooth? You've always had perfect teeth.

Sorry about the test. That is one part of school that I really don't miss. I also don't miss the last minute studying and all of the pressure of getting good grades. Man...after thinking about all of that, I'm not sure if I want to go back to school.

Lex-a-roo said...

Oh, man a toothache? Ugh, I hope you feel better soon.
I have a dreadful story from Church yesterday to share with you, when I see you don't let me forget.