Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So ...

Well, today was a long day at work. What's new, right? It seems like lately everyday is a long day at work only to look forward to another long day at work. Things keep piling up and I don't feel like I am getting anything accomplished (even though I actually am) and it is just frustrating. Oh well, I guess that is how a lot of people's jobs are.

Mostly, the only reason I am even updating this right now is that I just got home from work and there is a knitting project I want to work on (something of my own creation, I will let you know later how it turns out) and so I decided to check to see if there are any patterns to use as a base pattern that I can change to my liking (that is the way I knit a lot of things actually). The problem is that knitty is taking forever to load, which is really annoying, and I should go shower but I want to see these patterns first so now I am stuck sitting at my computer watching the little loading circle thing spin. So annoying.

I am really tired. I stayed up way too late last night. And I didn't even do any of the things on my list that I need to do. And there are many things on that list, believe me! I just am so good at procrastinating that I end up doing a whole lot of nothing. I am hoping that after I shower I will feel more awake for a little while at least so I can finish my experiment and then go to bed nice and early (like I keep saying I am going to do and then I don't).

Well, my thing finally finished loading, so I am off to shower and knit and sleep (in that order hopefully). Wish me luck!

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Lex-a-roo said...

I hate it when the computer takes ages to load. I'm sorry work is getting hard... just think it will soon be Christmas... time for fun.