Friday, December 19, 2008


So it is still snowing on and off here in Oregon. I guess this is good - it will prepare me for the coldness to come when I get home. Mom said it is freezing there too. Moreso than here. Oh well. I guess this means that I will appreciate summer that much more, eh?

As for things other than that, I am a happy girl. I worked a half a day of work yesterday (Thurs) and now I am off until the new year. Thank goodness. I love time off. I haven't had it in so long that I had forgotten how nice it is. And I get to see my family - I am way pumped about that. Mostly my nephew. Forget the rest of my family, I really just want to see him. He is almost a year old now! He changes more than anyone else in my family right now so that is why I want to see him most (no offense Mom)

My flight leaves at 4 in the afternoon tomorrow and then doesn't land until almost midnight in Calgary. It is kinda weird. I have to go to San Fran first too which sucks since that means that I will have a teaser of semi-nice weather before going to the arctic tundra up north (haha)

Well, that is about all I have to say right now. I am in the middle of trying to get all my laundry and stuff done so that I can have stuff to pack. So I am off. To pack. (actually I will probably not pack until the very last minute - that's just how I roll). Au revior! My next post will be from Canada (I hope!)

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