Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Boring Old Me

Well, I haven't posted in a while so I figured I should make an effort, even though it is going to be a sucky post since I am the same boring old me as usual (hence the title). The weekend wasn't bad. The bleed went fine and Skyla's talk was great. I mean, Dr. Skyla's talk went great. Lol. Then on Friday night we went out to McMenamin's (the Hillsdale Pub one) and hung out for a long time to celebrate her success. It was good times.

****Spoiler Alert******
Then Saturday we went to see The Wolverine movie. Now I know that every fan has already posted their thoughts on it and I agree with most of those. I think they did a little poorly for the reason he lost his memory. And seriously, the part where they finally defeat the baddy and he falls with his head all chopped off but his laser eyes still working and making the nuclear tower thing fall apart was pretty ridiculous. I seriously laughed out loud during that scene. My friend next to me must have thought I was having convulsions or something. But all in all I like the movie.

Anyway, then we went to a Mary Kay thingy my friend was doing and that was fun. Then we played some Rock Band. I love that freaking game! Sunday was good too. It was Stake Conference so it was early for once, and the choir sang so it was even earlier! Oh well, we sounded pretty darn good if I do say so myself, so it was all worth it. And we got to be out of church by noon which is just amazingness in and of itself.

Also, the girl who had the Mary Kay thing got these great highlights recently (courtesy of my awesome roommate) so she inspired me to want highlights as well. So last night we did it. We gave me some highlights. It isn't a lot different than before, just slightly lighter on top. It looks sun-kissed. I am liking it. My hairstylist is awesome! If you want to put her services to use just let me know and I will try to hook you up (she lives in Oregon though so ... heads up ... lol).

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