Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh Man

So I went to see Star Trek on Friday. I was planning to blog my thoughts about it the night I saw it since I knew a couple of other people weren't going to see it until the next day and I wanted to rub it in their faces. Oh well, I got distracted. It turns out I had a busy weekend. Friday was the movie.
It was so stinking good. It was funny cause every time someone new came on screen everyone in the audience would murmur and you just knew they were saying "Oh, that's so-and-so, he looks just like him!" And they did a really good job casting (I think). Also, I didn't know until Friday morning that Simon Pegg was in the movie and I just have to say that I love him. He is so great in everything I have seen him in, so that was a real treat.

Then Saturday we (Jasmine and I) went up to Tillamook to go shooting and spend some time with Lexie and Barlow. That was super fun. They have the cutest little house up there and every I go there I just want to hang out longer than I have time for. Anyway, then we rushed back and cleaned up in time to go to our friend's BBQ birthday party that he does out at his family's house every year. That was a good time. Then we left that a bit early to go to our other friend's bridal shower/bachelorette party. That was super fun. One of the best bridal shower's I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot!) the bachelorette part was fun too. We went to downtown Portland and asked random strangers to take compromising pictures with Christy (the bride to be). When I say compromising I mean like them giving her a hug or pretending they are proposing. It was fun and most of the strangers we asked to help us out were super good sports about it (thanks random Portland guys!).

Sunday of course was church, and more importantly, mother's day. I love my mother. She is a good person. I really am glad that she is my mom becuase not only do I get to hang out with her and call her whenever I want, but that means I am going to turn out like her, which is awesome. And I am not just saying those things because I know she reads this blog, but rather, I am saying it because I mean it. I even called and chatted with my Grandma Reeder for a bit. She is a special lady as well and I really like her. I am lucky to have such a good family.

Since my family is not close enough I could go hang out with them, Jasmine was kind enough to invite me to have dinner with her family. It was great. They are a fun group of people - they are just really accepting and loving. I felt like one of the family even though I had never met most of them before then. After dinner Jasmine's cousin came to stay with us for the night she Jasmine could do her hair and then she could have company on the way to the hospital tomorrow since their grandpa is having surgery.

Now I am at work again. Boring boring me. There is one funny story from yesterday though. We went to Safeway so Jasmine could get some flowers for her mom and grandma and aunt's. So we are in the parking lot and I had my door open and Jasmine was getting her purse out of the back seat on the driver's side. I had got out and I was leaning back in to grab my phone and I had my hand on the car (stupid stupid girl!) and Jasmine closed the door right on my finger. I just said "Oh F*** open the door please please please please please." Jasmine was like "What? Are you serious?" She couldn't even tell that my finger was in there because there were no problems closing the door. So she opened it again and my finger survived. It was actually really funny. And my finger is only a little sore today - and there isn't even a bruise or anything (yet). I will leave you on that funny note until next time. :D


mom said...

I'm flattered! Love you honey!

Lex-a-roo said...

Owww! That sounds like it was pretty painful... forgive me for laughing about it, but I can just picture you two