Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I was inspired the other day in the grocery store. I was in line behind this woman and her total came to about $45 or so. Then she handed this huge wad of coupons to the cashier and I saw the total go down down down ... until she ended up paying only about $4 for the entire cart full of stuff. It was amazing. It kinda made me want to coupon clip. We will see about that though. The problem with that is that it takes forethought and planning and usually I am too unmotivated to do either of those things. We'll see.

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Chelsea said...

it's truly amazing how some women can organize themselves enough to spend so little. I tend to shop the sales and plan my menu for the week around what's on sale...okay, 'tend' shouldn't be taken too seriously here. I've been doing it for two weeks, though. So far we've only spent about $40 in food at the grocery store each week. Also, I've been watching for sales. I bought Stovetop stuffing around thanksgiving or christmas time when it was only 98¢ a box. normally it's $1.79 or more. So I bought 12 boxes. Ryan looked at me like I'm crazy but we LOVE stuffing and we saved almost 50% on that item alone.

It really does pay to shop the sales....of course, only get stuff you'll use or you're not really saving anything.

OH! Print out this coupon today! YOu can print up to 4 from the same IP address. It's only available for printing today though, so do it:

Love you!