Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Long

That's what we would always call it when I was in high school. What are you doing for May Long? Want to go camping on May Long? We didn't even specify that we were referring to the weekend. I don't know if people do that in the states. I tried it a few times and just got weird looks. Oh well.

So this weekend was good. I did so very many things. Friday we went to my friend's wedding after we made the strawberries for it (which turned out awesome by the way!) and it was so good to see them so happy. They are a really cute couple. At the reception a bunch of people were talking and we decided we needed to do something, so one of our friends said 'meet at my house around 10 and we can do something.' So we went over and by maybe 11 everyone who was going to be there ended up there. We couldn't really decide what to do so some people suggested going to get some VooDoo Doughnuts (which is this really awesome place in downtown Portland - if you live in the area and have never been there you should go!) so we went. We ended up taking three vehicles because there were so many of us. Our vehicle got slightly lost and then we had to park a few streets away from the place, so by the time we got there everyone else had their goodies. I wanted one, even though Jasmine and Emily didn't, so I sat waiting in line forever (it was the Rose festival so the lines were long). Anyway, everyone else was getting impatient so some of them left (their ride didn't park but instead drove around waiting for them) and the other car stayed but this one guy mentioned how impatient he was getting. It was kinda annoying since we get dragged there and it wasn't like I was dawdling - the line was just long! Anyway, after I got my doughnut I came out and ate it and then the other people decided they were going to go back to the house we met at and watch a movie. We said goodbye, but we didn't really feel like leaving since we just freaking got there! So we wandered around for a bit. Nearby we saw these guys playing music on 5 gallon pail's and stuff like that and we stopped to listen for a while - they were pretty good. I was going to take a quick video of it but it was too dark to see anything on my phone camera. So anyway, as we were watching some girl walked by and gave us free tickets to a club. So we figured, what the heck, lets check it out. It was not very busy, so no wonder they were giving out free tix, but it was fun. We got there around midnight and stayed there dancing until the bar closed at 2am.

Saturday was our birthday party. We spent all day cleaning and picking up things we thought we would need and stuff like that. The party ended up being really good I thought. There weren't a million people there, but there were quite a few, and we just barbequed and then we ended up building a fire in this portable fire pit thing we were using and just sat around the fire chatting and roasting marshmallows and stuff. It was good times.

Sunday we went to church and then we left early (I know, we are sinners and going to hell! lol) and went swimming at my friends apt pool. He was out of town and said we could use the pool if we wanted and it was so nice we just had to take him up on it. That was fun. We laid out for a while and then went in the pool. After that we went home and chatted through a movie (we intended to watch it, but instead we just talked through the whole thing) and messed around online and stuff.

Monday I came in to work for a bit. I wanted to set up my new office and also had some other things to do. It is cool having an office. I still feel like I am sitting at Skyla's desk though and that she might come in at any minute and kick me off her computer. lol. It is a weird feeling. But yeah, anyway, then after that we had some friends who were having a BBQ, so we went over there to eat. That was fun times. I like sitting around just chatting with people. Then we went to FHE for a brief few minutes but then we left to go to the pool again. This other girl Melanie came with us as well. It was super fun times. We swam around for a while then we went in the hot tub and had some good girl talk.

That was my weekend. It was fun for the most part. There were definitely parts where I was getting annoyed at people, but that never lasts long for me anyway, so whatever. I know this post is all about the stuff I have done and I really don't go into anything else (it is kinda a fluff post if you will) but that is okay right? You have to have those every once in a while right? Whatev. I don't really want to start going into my thoughts and feelings because then it will get all boring. Blah. So I will leave it at this. Thanks for reading!

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Lex-a-roo said...

Wow, you have a office now? That's pretty darn cool. Your party was great, thanks for letting us come and for letting us crash for a bit.