Friday, May 29, 2009

Free Stuff!

So, since it is my birthday tomorrow I thought I would check online to see if there is any cool stuff I can get free on my birthday and there is a ton! I found this website and they had a good list. But most of them are things you have to sign up for in advance so do it sooner rather than later! I only wish I lived near a Disney park so I could go there for my birthday since they let you in free too! Dang. Oh well, I am going to eat well tomorrow!

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Chelsea said...

happy birthday a day late! We were travelling alll day yesterday but I thought of you! in fact, when you posted about your birthday party weekend last weekend I thought- wait a minute, her birthday is on the 30th?! - and I thought maybe I was wrong....but nope! Hope you had a greeeaeaaaat day!

Birthday freebies we love: coldstone (medium creation free) and Red Robin (free burger)