Friday, May 15, 2009

Can't think of a title

Okay, so I suck at posting. I did great for a while there but then I just kinda petered out on my posting. The real problem is that I got busy and/or lazy. I always feel like I have all this stuff to do and then I don't do it and instead I just sit around putting it off making it so I have even more to do and I never get anything accomplished. Like posting on my blog. Oh well. Nothing too exciting is going on anyway. Work is going great. I am going to write a paper. Well, let me rephrase ... I am going to help write parts of a paper and then it will be heavily edited and maybe three words that I originally wrote will end up in a journal somewhere. Lol. But that's cool. It will give me good experience and I like writing anyway (in case you hadn't noticed). Not to mention it will be good to put on a resume somewhere.

My roommate (the one who owns the house I live in) is going away for a week. She is leaving tomorrow and won't be back until the long weekend Monday. I am kinda excited. Not that I don't like having her around, because I do she is really fun (although sometimes odd, but aren't we all) but it will be different to have her gone for a while. And I like change. That is why I used to move all the time at BYU. It wasn't because I couldn't find a place I liked enough to stay longer, but rather it was just because I like moving and I like living somewhere new and having new people around etc etc. It is really hard on me that I have lived in this house for so long because I find myself itching to move. But instead of just moving down the street like I did at BYU I want to move across the country! Which I won't do, and I don't always want to do that, but still, I find that I have those 'cravings' once in a while.

The other thing that is good about my roommate leaving for a while is that it gives my other roommate and I a chance to get her birthday present together. You see, it is Jasmine's birthday on May 20, Julie's on May 24 and mine on May 30. Last year we had a fun party that turned not so fun but since Julie will be gone this year Jasmine and I decided to make her something good for her birthday. It is going to be awesome and I am way excited and it is perfect that she will be gone so we can leave it all over the place and not have her see it :D

On that note my planned projects for the next little while include:
1) write a few short stories that I can then submit to fiction journals
2) finish the knitting project I have been working on from the pattern I made up
3) edit my novel
4) write article parts for work
5) make b-day thing for Julie
6) figure out something for Jasmine's birthday
7) figure out something for my Mom's birthday (almost forgot about that - jk)
8) have a fun party
9) update blog more often

That is about all. Anyway, on that note I am going to go because my fingers are freezing and I have to sit on them while reading an article so I can get hints about how to write this thing for work (okay, I don't HAVE to sit on my hands, but I am going to). Have a good weekend kiddies and I will try to update more often (hence number 8 above).


Emily said...

Why? because having a fun party will give you more things to blog about? I can't believe you're having a fun party without me :(

Lex-a-roo said...

You'll have to clue me on the present sometime it sounds exciting.