Friday, November 16, 2007

Day Off

So, I get the day off today, which is way nice. This was the first time I got even close to enough sleep during the night. I still set my alarm though, because I really like waking up when my alarm goes off and then just turning it off and getting to go back to sleep! Muahahaha! It is great. But I think I have been almost on the verge of getting sick for the last few days and today since I let myself sleep in it was like the sickness kicked in and my throat was all scratchy and my head was half clogged. It was crazy. But I feel better now. I hope that will be the sickest I get.

So I totally have made the decision to move. My friend has a house and she will let me move in to a private bedroom for less than half of what I pay for my apartment now. I know I will be giving up my apartment, which I love (it is super cute) but I really need to save money. I have some bills that I am getting sick of owing and I want to start paying more on my student loan. So, the decision has been made, I listed my apartment on Craig's list, and I am going to move at the end of this month/the beginning of next month. Wish me luck!

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