Saturday, November 03, 2007

That's Why I Love People ...

... they think of everything!

This is what a guy I work with said to me yesterday. He had just got a new motorcycle helmet and tail bag and we were discussing how useful they were (and how awesome the helmet was) and how nice it is that someone thought of even including a rainproof part (like a fly for a tent) to go over the tail bag for when it rains (which is a lot because we are in Oregon). And it is really nice that someone thought of that so he didn't have to suffer and ruin his laptop or something the first time it rained when he was riding. And there are lots of things that I would never have thought of until too late, and so I am always glad someone else thought of it (even if they had to learn the hard way - which sucks for them, but is great for public in general). So yeah, that is why I love people - they really do think of everything!

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Chelsea said...

you've been tagged!

and yes, I'm glad there are so many ingenious things because other people were smarter than me.