Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jon Schmidt

So first I have to say that I have not went to bed yet so technically it is still the 24th to me. So tonight I went to a Jon Schmidt concert and it was quite interesting. Not totally my type of music, but still good. He plays the piano amazingly! He made it look so effortless and easy. Made me jealous. Oh well. He was also quite a showman and very goofy which was fun. Some of his songs did sound quite similar to others though which kinda sucks, but there were a few I really liked. The funniest part about all of it was that he had played at BYU when I was there several times, and I never went, and now that I am not in BYU anymore, I went to see him. So funny.

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Chelsea said...

I love jon schmidt. I saw him one year at EFY at BYU, but haven't gone to a concert of his since. oh wait, he did a christmas concert once and my family went. Anyways, I agree about a few of the songs. But when he plays backwards or upside down (I can't remember what his novelty is) it makes me wish I learned to play piano.