Monday, November 12, 2007

Psychic Radio

So, the craziest thing happened today. After bleaching my hair on Friday a friend and I at work were talking about how Gwen Stefani must have people to bleach her hair every day! Then we started talking about Gwen and how my friend used to think she was freaky looking, but then as she gets more and more famous he keeps finding her more and more attractive. As he was in the middle of saying "I didn't like her back during her more Ska days..." and right at that moment "Just a Girl" started playing on the radio. Freaky? We both sat there for like 2 minutes after that going "What the crap! How did that just happen?" It was so weird. It was like the radio knew what we were talking about. Wow! Insane.

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Christopher said...

this actually happened. i was there.