Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy November!

So my friend got me to join NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and you just go to this website and join and then you are supposed to post a blog everyday. We will see how I do. This was my first blog that I posted on the site:

First blog of the month on this website. I actually blog all the time (well, sometimes) on another site so I guess this is not technically my first time (although my first time was great!) Anyway, I just wanted to put a quick post about how much I love the internet. I live on the west coast and I can talk to my friends in the middle and on the east coast and in other countries while looking up stupid videos of things people in China did while also learning about the local news in my parents hometown all while sitting on my butt at work. And the greatest thing, I can do it anywhere! Most shops or stores you go into nowadays will offer free WiFi which is just stellar. I know you all probably already agree with this post because many of you are bloggers yourselves (or like reading blogs - either way you know the joys of the internet) but I felt the necessity to share my love and devotion for this amazing thing. I would marry the internet if I could, but I don't think that it would stay monogamous to me and then I would get all jealous and we'd have a nasty divorce and then our children's lives would be ruined - so maybe it is better that I can't. But I still love it and will have a love affair with it anytime I want, and you should all feel free to do the same!

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