Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sadness ...

So I am moving to save money. I am moving in with my friend and I am going to be paying less than half of what I pay in rent now. I still still have all the amenities, but the bathroom is way smaller and so is the bedroom, but the closet is bigger and the money I am saving will be so worth it. I started packing today and already my apartment looks so sad and empty. I have taken the few things I had up off of the walls and packed up everything that was on all my bookcases and stuff. I even took most of my closet. I figure I will go and unpack as I am going so that when I move the bed in, which should be almost last, then I won't have tons of boxes everywhere. I hope it goes the way that I plan. I am going to miss my apartment so much though, I really do love it. Oh well, I can have a nice apartment again later in life. I guess. Or a nice house or whatever. I will keep you updated on how smoothly it goes with everything. :)

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