Monday, November 26, 2007

Phones = Awesome

I love phones. I know that many of my blog posts are about things I love, but I love lots of things and I want everyone to know all about it. So, to continue, I love phones. They are so super high tech now. It used to be that everyone just had home phones but now cell phones are so good you pretty much don't even need a home phone. Phones nowadays even have camcorders in them. I remember the first camcorder I ever saw belonged to my grandparents and it was huge. And now you can get them in cell phones. They even have video awards for people who film stuff on their phones (which I can't find a link to right now). And Chantal Kraviazuk even filmed the entire video for the song "Wonderful" on a Nokia N93. Crazy, I know. Maybe I can go into film-making with less cost than I thought!

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