Thursday, April 09, 2009


So, I missed again! It seems that if I don't take the time at work to post, I am not going to do it when I am at home. And this one is going to be short. The reason I didn't post yesterday was because I had finished my book Poison Study on Tuesday night and I knew there was a sequel and I really wanted to read it RIGHT NOW so I went to Powell's after work on Wed to get it. Jasmine and I went, and we looked around and I got that (it is called Magic Study for anyone who is wondering) and another book (just what I need eh?). Then we came home and watched some Buffy. Then I went to my room to read. I went around 9 thinking, I can read for an hour and still go to bed at a decent time. Well, 10 rolls around and I think 'one more chapter' then 10:30 rolls around and I think 'okay, really one more chapter'. Finally 11 rolls around and I force myself to put the book down (the chapter ending is less cliff-hangery than some have been so it is okay) and go to bed. I am still tired though. Stupid Mandi. I sometimes hate how much I love books. I just want to do too many things! Read, write, watch tv ... the list goes on. Oh well I guess. I can't wait to go read more of the book tonight!

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Emily said...

hey, be happy that your "one more chapter" saga ends at 11. Mine usually last till 2 or 3 or even 4! When you're waking up the next morning at 8 that just doesn't equal enough sleep!