Friday, April 17, 2009

I Am Awesome!

And I am not going to tell you why. Well, I will, but not for a few days - not until it is official. And then when you do find out you are going to be disappointed because it is not as good of a reason as you all hope. :)

In other news, I had a pretty good night last night. I made some yummy rice krispy squares but with fruity pebbles instead of regular krispies and they are de-lish (but way way more sugary than I would like! whew!) And yes, I have eaten more of them then I would like to admit. Oh well, in the words of my Grandma "I gotta get rid of 'em!" Then I will not have them to eat anymore and I can try to work off the 5 pounds I am going to gain from eating the whole pan in 2 days. Lol. Then I finished the book I was reading (it wasn't that good) and I surfed the internet for a while. And then I was bored because my roomie decided to go visit her family for the night and my other roomie was visiting the neighbors so I decided to go for a walk. It was good. I got my iPod and my cell phone and I went for like an hour long walk. It was good. Then I watched some mindless tv and went to bed. Not the most exciting night, but it was nice. Although I missed my roomie.

Saturday morning we are going to go shooting. That should be fun. I hope it is a little bit warmer than the last time we went. That time it was f-f-f-freezing! When we weren't taking our turns with the guns we would huddle together in a group so that we didn't lose any limbs. Okay, not really, but it was pretty chilly. Also, we are hoping not to sustain any injuries this time. Last time we went my roomie caught the scope from a pretty high-powered rifle in the forehead on the kickback. She still has a perma-bump from it. Sad. Yet, kinda funny.

Tonight I am not really sure what we are doing. Maybe 5 Guys again? Maybe nothing. I know some people from the Ward are going to play Ultimate Frisbee but I abhor that game and won't play it. Plus, I am too out of shape to compete (but even if I was in shape I wouldn't play that stupid game!).

I am still trying to think of an idea for the story I want to write for the competition (I need to hurry so I can have time for writing and editing!) and I am not really sure what to do. I have received some advice (thanks to those who advised) and I know that often true stories are better but I don't have any good stories from my life that I think would work. But I am going to keep thinking about it. I was also thinking about using this idea I got from a dream I had - but that is a horror story (would that make it more of a nightmare?) and I am not sure I am any good at writing horror. I guess it can't hurt to try right? I think I will start the horror story just so I am working on something as I try and think about some other good ideas. Plus, I wrote out my dream when I had it, so I kinda already have a basis. Yippee! This will be fun! (I know, I know, I am a major dork!)

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Chelsea said...

Yes, you ARE awesome.

I hate UF too. I don't know why tons of people like playing it. It's like playing soccer (all the running) and football (catching crap) but with a flying saucer = lame-o.

You should go play freeze tag. Remember playing that as a kid? (did you play it?) So much fun. Esp. more fun at night-time in the dark.