Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This Day's Post

So, I am sitting here at work, waiting for a phone call, at which I will spring into action and work very hard. But since I can't really stray very far away from the phone I thought I would post now, so that I don't cut it so close to the wire like I did last night. Lol. Today is April fools day - but I haven't been fooled (at least not that I know of) nor have I fooled anyone. I never really have. Except one year when I built up this story to my Mom a few days before that I met this guy and we were going on a date, then on April 1st I sent her an email that started of innocently enough saying we were getting married, but then it went on to say I was going to quit school and support him because he was in a band that was really awesome, and I didn't really need school anyway and that we were moving to some far away country or something like that (I feel like I tried to make it more and more ridiculous the entire way through so that she would figure out it was a joke by the end and not freak out too much). Anyway, I think my bro ruined it accidentally by saying "did you get fooled by that email from Mandi?" or something like that not realizing that she hadn't read it yet. Anyway, it would have been funny had she believed it. I might still have it in my sent mail somewhere ... I should go look for that.

In other news ... oh wait, there is no other news. My life is too boring. Blech. I haven't taken much time editing. I just read. I really want to go on vacation somewhere but my inner self tells me I should make a few other payments before I buy a plane ticket somewhere. Plus, the main place I want to go (home to visit my family) I don't want to go right now because it is still freezing there. Brr. I just want to get away and do things I don't normally do in a place I am not normally at with people I don't normally see. I guess I could do that here, but not as much because I get in a rut. Rut, rut, rut!

I wish they would just call me already!

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Emily said...

I am resolved to travel somewhere fun this summer. I have a pretty decent tax return coming this year and yeah yeah, i should put it in savings or whatever but screw that! I'm traveling! I think my roommates and I are gonna go down to Orlando. Or, if I can find a relatively cheap flight to Germany, I'ma go there. Suffice it to say, I know how you feel with the travel bug