Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, I am really tired today. I got a decent amount of sleep - like 7 1/2 hours - but I still feel really tired. Just like I want to go have a nap. I kinda have a headache so that doesn't help and I am just really lethargic. Maybe I am getting sick from sitting in the stupid cold lab all the stupid time (yes, I am a little bitter about the temperature in here).

I am going to have this be a short post because I am really just here to say 2 things.

1) I almost forgot to do my state taxes. Well, I had done them, but I hadn't mailed them in yet because I wasn't getting much back and I figure I had plenty of time. Oops. Oh well, I sent it out today.

2) I am going to post some pics later from the strawberry things that my roommate and I made after getting the recipe from my old roomie. I might also post a pic of my most recently completed knitting project - that is if we take a pic of it ever. Lol.

That is all. I will post later.

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