Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lazy ...

As my mother pointed out to me last night, I haven't posted since I got my new phone. I guess I am just too busy talking on said phone to update my blog (although, I don't see her blogging, so I am not really sure if she has any right to complain! lol). But yeah, so here I am attempting to update and not be too dreadfully boring.

Let me start with my weekend. It was good. I watched a lot of Buffy. I saw '17 Again'. I went to a karaoke party at a friend's house. I made a new skirt. I worked because my boss missed her flight. I watched more Buffy (just in case you were wondering we are almost done season 4 - then on to my favorite season!) It was a good weekend all in all.

Last night was FHE and we did a photo scavenger hunt. It was super fun. And we fit 5 people in the trunk of my car! Talk about a spacious trunk! Lucky me for having such a grande trunk. And I learned how to put the seats down to make the trunk really big - yay me! I can't believe I have had the car for over a year now and I just barely learned how to do that. Oh well. Anyway, it was good times. And our team won. Woo.

In sad news, my Mom called just before FHE and told me that my aunt has breast cancer. She is having a mastectomy on May 6 and then she will go in a month later to see if they need to do try doing chemo and radiation therapy. I just want her to know my prayers are with her and I know she can handle whatever trials come her way because she is a strong woman. I just want to also comment here that I have a link on the side of my page ----> that says Breast Cancer Site (or something like that). If you go to that website and click the little button they will donate money to help fund breast cancer research. Go and Click.

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