Monday, April 06, 2009

The Weekend

So, I didn't post this weekend (obviously). I really do suck at this posting every day thing. The only problem is that if I have something (anything almost) else to do I am going to do that instead of post on my blog. So I was busy ... suck it up. Lol.

What did I do this weekend? Well, on Friday I went to this spa place that I got free sessions at and got a spray tan. I normally wouldn't do that, but it was free and I figured I would see how it turned out. It was okay ... except that I can totally tell it was sprayed on because there are parts where my arm was bent weird and stuff that are white. Also, you put this lotion stuff on your hands and feet so that they don't get all tanned (because that would look silly) but the girl suggested not putting it on the bottoms of our feet because then you might slip and fall. Well, it sprays stuff all over and then when you change positions you step in it and the bottom of your feet turn orange. Also, I obviously didn't do very well on my hands (even though I swear they were really goopy - not sure how I missed parts) so they are a little tanned in weird spots. I don't think I will do it again - I will stick to getting a real tan (but not much of one). After that we just watched more TV and knitted and chatted.

Then on Saturday I slept through the first session of General Conference (I know, I am bad) but I got up and watched the second session. Then Saturday night we went to this guy's house for a karaoke party and it was super fun. I love karaoke - even though I am not that great at it, it's still fun. Not to mention, who cares if you are good - chances are you aren't going to be the worst one there. Even at a party like that I wasn't the worst. And then when it was a song everyone knows everyone sings along anyway so you can barely hear the person actually singing into the mic. Fun times. Anyway, that was a late night.

So Sunday I slept through the first session of Conference again (I know, I am really bad) but then these girls I know had brunch at their house so I went to that and chatted for a bit and then I stayed at their place to watch the last session of Conference. Then we went home for a while and were bored and it was super nice out, so we went over to our friends house and we played a good ole' game of Monopoly. I haven't played that is a long long time. It was fun. Then we hung out for a bit more, but eventually we went home and watched some Buffy on DVD then went to bed.

So, its not like I did anything life changing with my weekend, but it was fun nonetheless. Now it is back to the grind. Blech. But my boss doesn't get back until Wednesday, so that is a plus :) Hopefully I will post again tomorrow.

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Emily said...

see, I would find posting daily very intimidating. So I try to post three times a week, and if I have anything extra in the middle I post that too. Maybe you should try for that. It also helps that I have specific days that I post. Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I'd been there. I really want to find a good place for karaoke here...