Friday, January 21, 2011


So, when I first started school at BYU I was planning to be a film major. That winter and spring I signed up for a bunch of film classes and I met a bunch of really talented people (which is part of what made me realize I wasn't really cut out for it, because I didn't think I could compete). One of the people I met in these classes was a girl named Connie who was from Germany. She was one of the only people that I hit it off with in those classes and we would sit together in the big lecture sections and we would do projects together and stuff like that.

Fast-forward a few years. I changed my major to Neuroscience, I lived with Christina for a year, had this awesome time. Then I move into a house down the road. I mentioned that I lived with 3 other girls in that house. Guess who one of them is? (other than Chels since I just told you about her). That's right, it was Connie. It was so amazing to me that of all the people I would meet and see again and accidentally move in with from those old classes it would be her. I had really liked her and I was sad that I had lost contact with her, so finding out that she was a roommate was one of the happiest surprises I had had in my entire life. It was amazing that I was moving into a house and a new Ward where I didn't know anyone, and then 'SURPRISE!' I did know someone. She had changed her major to communication and so didn't see many of the old crowd either.

At the time I lived with her she was dating this guy named Armando. He was from Mexico and was this short little curly haired guy, who was just awesome. They were the perfect little non-American couple and I loved them together. The thing was that Armando lived in a really crappy place up north of campus (I think) and so they never went to his house, and he practically lived at our place. I almost never saw Connie without Armando, which is why Chels and I started calling them Carmando. :D

They were so fun to live with. Very laid back and fun to hang out with. They had been together for a long time (as far as I knew) and so they weren't like some newly dating couple that were super awkward to hang out with (I have been lucky to not have to deal with that). They always were watching fun Indie or foreign films and inviting us to join and they always cooked together and were just great. They moved to Germany after they both graduated and are now married and have the cutest little chubby cheeked daughter who just melts my heart every single time I see a picture of her (yeah, it needs to be melted, because otherwise it is just made completely of ice!)

From them I learned that a green-card marriage isn't all that matters (no one in that relationship ended up with a green card!).I learned that it really can be a small world, and having people you knew before come back into your life in a surprise way can be really fun. I learned that height isn't everything (Connie is taller than Armando). I learned that you don't have to get married within a year of meeting someone to be happy. I learned to be accepting of others, even if their background isn't the same as yours.

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