Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lisa and Amy

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, I was lucky in my first Ward in college to meet some really awesome people. I started school in January, which I think can often be a bit tricky since the general student usually starts in September and by the time January rolls around everyone else already has their schedules kinda worked out (even if classes change, it still kinda stays the same) and then they also have their friendships worked out. The first day in my first Ward I arrived super early. As I mentioned I was living with my Grandparents and they believe in going really early to stuff and since they dropped me off I was kinda on their schedule. So I got there probably 20-25 minutes early and just went and sat in the chapel all by myself. I didn't know the Bishop or any of the people there - I didn't even know who was supposed to be in my Ward and who was in the Ward that met previously in the same building. I was just sitting there, freaking out internally but trying to appear calm, when a girl walked in and came right over to me and asked if she could sit by me. She then proceeded to ask if I was new, and I said I was, and she introduced herself as Lisa. At that moment she was my favourite person ever. I think that I didn't do as good of a job of looking calm as I thought and she could tell I was totally freaked out. From then on she was super sweet to me, inviting me to any events she was taking part in or going to without even a second thought. She was one of my only friends that first semester and term (at BYU winter semester is Jan through April, and then Spring term is May and June). I spent a lot of time just adjusting my class schedule and the new area so I didn't do a lot of things with her, but the fact that she invited me meant so much. I went home for the Summer term (July and August). When I left she had just met this boy and when I returned she had just recently married him. I was so glad that she was happy and they were super cute together (I had seen them interact a few times before I left), but I was also sad that one of my only friends wasn't in my Ward any longer.

So again, in September, I got a ride from my Grandparents really early for church up to that building, and I went and sat by myself in a pew. It was totally deja vu, but that didn't make it any less overwhelming. Nor did the fact that I had already been in that Ward for 6 entire months, because still, I didn't really know anyone. Again, I was lucky, and again a girl walked right in and asked if she could sit by me. She introduced herself as Amy and she did almost the same thing Lisa had - she took me under her wing, so to speak. She invited me to all sorts of things she was doing - parties and just to hang out at her house. She was an amazing girl. She treated me as if we had known each other our whole lives. She would come get me in her car and we would drive around with the heat and the music blasting, but with the sunroof open. We would go drive up the side of the mountain to what she called 'her spot' and then we would sit and talk about our lives and why we were the way we were and all those things. She met a guy at her Institute class at UVSC (I think that is where she met him) and asked him to this dance that was one of those girls choice dances. She set up a 'date' for me too and I think it was with her cousin Matt who I had met a few times before and got along with quite well. Her date (his name was Matthew as well which was a bit odd) ended up being the man of her dreams - or at least close enough - and by the time the summer rolled around again I was leaving just in time to miss her wedding. I was sad to miss it, but I was so glad she found someone she could be happy with. She was an amazing girl with such a great outlook on life and she really deserved to be with such a great guy. I then hadn't heard from her or seen her in a very long time, but in the last year or so I decided to see if she was on facebook (luckily I remembered her email address and her new last name - which for some reason I can't seem to do with Lisa) and of course she was. It was so good to reconnect with her. She is still an amazing person and although she has had many tough times she still has such a great outlook and is always working on improving it.

From these girls I learned that it is good to approach someone you don't know and talk to them, because probably they are just as freaked out as you are. I also learned that inviting people to things is a good idea because you can't get to know someone very well by only seeing them once a week for a few hours. I learned that positivity is good. I learned it is never too late to fix your life - if you think something needs fixing, then work on it and it can be fixed, simple as that. I learned that good people can have crappy things happen to them, but you can still chose to be positive and grow out of those experiences. Even if I never was able to communicate with either of these girls again, both have made such a strong impact on my life in a good way that I will never forget either of them. And I am glad for the internet and for facebook because that means that I can communicate with them again. :D

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