Thursday, January 27, 2011


Now, I think a lot of this post is going to sound like a repeat of things I have already said, but that is just because Mark and Jasmine and I do a lot of stuff together. I met him the same way I met Jasmine, on the fated camping trip with Julie. I guess on the way back with Jasmine he commented that she seemed to really hit it off with me. I think he knew then that Jas and I would become good friends and he just accepted that and decided to like me as well haha.

With him I have also done a lot of things such as go to Disney World twice, go on lots of road trips, watched tons of movies and tv shows, gone out to eat a lot (probably too much lol). Everything that you do with your good friends. Also, he and I have very similar sense's of humor (sense of humor's?) and we watched a lot of the same stuff growing up so that always makes hanging out fun. He is also a computer genius and is always very willing to help out when I have problems in that area, which is way nice.

Like most guys, I think he has a hard time expressing his emotions (who am I kidding? I am totally the same way!) but he shows that he cares by the things he does. You can see the concern on his face (either that or it is confusion lol) when there is something worrisome going on. I will always be grateful for him being there during the crappy moments. Like when I was in a wreck last November, he saved the day so many times. It is moments and days like that that remind me why he is such a good friend. It is times like that that make up for all the times he acts totally weird or jerky or intentionally tries to piss me off (for some reason he thinks it is so funny).

With Mark, just like with Jasmine, I think I don't tell him often enough how great I think he is. I get into this trap in my life of just assuming that the people I love know that I love them (I know it, so obviously they do too, right?) and I don't say anything. Also, I think that  it is hard when you see someone on a somewhat day-to-day basis. Are you just going to be like 'how was your day? mine was super long. PS you are awesome"? Probably not. It just doesn't go with the flow of conversation. So thanks Mark, for being so awesome so often. And thanks to all my friends who have been following along so far. We are nearing the end. Aren't you excited? I know I am!

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