Friday, January 07, 2011

The Rest of the Town

So, my other friends that I acquired in elementary school are all going to go in this one post because if I did each person I know separately this would have to be nablopo-everydayforthenextseveralyears.

There was Joe and Jay - they were the boys of my class. Joe ended up going to a different school for Jr High and High School because he lived just far enough the other direction and because his parents liked that school better (and it very well might have been). Joe was my biggest rival in Elementary - he and I always fought for the best grades in the class, so I was totally okay with him going elsewhere (then I met Lisa and Chels and they were worse lol). Jay lived across the street from us until his parents split up and then he moved to the town where we went to High School. His family had 4 boys and so my brothers really liked hanging out with them. One time his Mom was supposed to bring us home from some sort of activity or function at the school and she forgot me because she wasn't used to girls. Good thing we lived close to the school.

There was Michelle and Delaine. I once stayed the night at Delaine's house and drew a picture of her (which I am sure was pretty darn crappy but her Mom exclaimed over it like it was the most beautiful thing she'd seen which was nice of her). Michelle always had epic birthday parties at her house where everyone would come and we would go crazy.

Stacey and Jodie. We had this thing called 'The Comedy Club' for a while in Elementary school. Everyone who was in it got these little green beaded rings that Stacey made (or maybe it was Jodie). I was kicked out of the comedy club because we had put together a little play and the girls were all trying to sell tickets to the other kids and I thought it was stupid since we couldn't stop them from watching us so what was the point of selling tickets. I kept my ring out of spite. I might still have it in my room at my parents house. These girls were pretty much the founders of the Comedy Club (at least, as far as I remember).

Jen and Kelsey were sisters. One older than me and one younger. During recess we would act out movies and tv shows that we had seen. Well, at least Jen had seen them. She was always the director. She would tell each person what role they were going to be and then feed them their lines as we went through the scene. It was fun. I was almost always the male lead because of my short hair. I am pretty sure this is what made me want to be an actress. When we were acting out some soap opera (I don't recall which one) Jen's character was burying Mel's character alive and I started fake crying because I was in the moment. The girls were all very impressed with my acting skills. As for Kelsey, she was a super fun spazzy girl. She and I taped our own 'radio show' a few times and mostly we just recorded ourselves eating pickles and burping and telling dumb jokes. But it was fun.

Lexi and Shara were in the same grade and Kelsey and were younger than me. I never knew them very well. Lexi's Mom was a hair stylist and she always had the coolest hair. I remember when she came to school with shapes crimped into her hair - stars and hearts - I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Shara seemed pretty snobby to me when we were younger, but was actually super funny. I don't know why she came across snobby to me - I guess because I thought her and Lexi were cool and I assumed they thought the same and I didn't really get much of a chance to prove them wrong since they were younger than me and both lived on farms.

There were also Corey and Kyle who were in my older brother's class. They had the same last name but were only cousins. they just seemed like quiet guys to me and I didn't know much about them. Corey went to a different school like Joe did, but Kyle came along with us. He was a really nice guy whenever I talked to him, which wasn't super often.

That was the crew that I grew up with since Elementary School. In general they taught me the value of lasting friendships. I keep up with most of them via facebook even now and I still get excited when someone gets married or had a kid or buys a house. Naturally, the next step was Jr. High and there was a whole new set of people to get to know and add to the mix. I will start with some of those kids tomorrow.

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