Friday, January 21, 2011

Other Roomies, Friends From School

I could spend weeks and weeks talking about all the amazing people I got to meet and spend time with while I was in college, but I think that we would all get sick of that, so I am just going to do this last college related post. Over the time I was in school at BYU I had the opportunity to have 12 roommates (more than that if you count the people that I lived with when I was doing an internship in Oregon and even more if you count my grandparents! lol) All of them were great to me and great for me. I couldn't have asked for a better experience in school (well, I guess I could ask for it if I want, but that would just be selfish and I probably wouldn't get it anyway).

While living with Christina the first time we also lived with 2 girls named Laura and Jill who were fun to hang out with. We went around one day taking 'glamour pics' of us around the property, as if we were doing advertising for the complex. After those girls moved out we lived with a girl named Kristin who was in school to be a dental hygienist and even though she was engaged she would stay up late at night with us playing guitar and singing and girl talking. Then we lived with Mel and this other girl I can't remember the name of (but I think it might have been Jessica). She had a lot of legal type troubles and although we barely saw her, she was always really nice and I hope she got it all worked out. Also, for a few months we lived with a girl named Krystle who was also a female engineer and she was so fun and awesome. We took a road trip to Vegas to go bungee jumping together.

While living with Chels and Connie we also had one other housemate named Jan. She wasn't around a lot either, she was always off hanging out with her guy friend that she wasn't dating (but who she later got married to), but when she was around, we always had fun! After Chels got married she left and 2 girls moved in upstairs named Katie and Kelli. They were these young, cute, blond cheerleader type girls, and although I never would have thought I would get along with people like that, I had tons of fun with them too.

When Christina and I moved back in together, we only had one other roommate, and her name was Bethany (I called her Bethy). She moved in with us because her fiance was in our Ward and she wanted to live close to him. She was amazing! We would spend lots of time staying up way too late talking and having fun. Her fiance spent an inordinate amount of time at our apt as well, but since I was so used to this from all the other roomies I had had, I didn't mind in the least. In fact, he became a great friend as well. He was in the same major as me so I would often try to give him hints and tips (although, I don't know how useful that was).

I also met tons of amazing people in my Wards and at my job. At work I met David, the boy I was 'engaged' to (the Pope was going to marry us). I also met Anthony, the guy that I 'stalked' because of his beautiful eyes. I met Taylor, Anthony's friend and our friend as well. I met Melsa and Sally and Rachel and Brette and Holly who were always a blast to vacuum with and have breakfast with at 7am! Melsa and Sally especially because they would regale us with stories of how things are done down south - believe me, they are done weirdly. I also met my boss Dave who was more like an older brother to me than a boss (except an older brother that I didn't actually have to grow up with). I could always tell him what was going on and I knew he had my best interests at heart when he offered advice. I also met Christina's boss, Lynn, who was the kind of person I always imagined would be the perfect father. We called each other 'best friend' all the time and could have serious and silly conversations any time we wanted. In my Wards I met the Cougars hockey team (well a few of them anyway) and they were always fun to hang out with because it was like getting a glimpse into what I imagine a gang would be like (but a little less violent). I met lots of other boys I had crushes on (and got crushed by lol) and girls I could confide in and girl talk with. I met Rachel who made me an angry chick music CD. I met Taylor, who knew I was friends with Rachel and would come hang out just so he could talk about her. I met Katie who is an amazing singer (and strangely enough, lives near me here and I saw her once at a dinner I was serving for). I met so many other great people, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I even met great people in my classes (amazing, I know, since I did major in Neuroscience) like Jaclyn and Brett and Jenni and Brandon.

From all these people that I met in school I learned so much. I learned how to get along well with a variety of people. I learned how to spend my time efficiently. I also learned how to waste my time! I learned that I can have a good time almost anywhere and doing anything, as long as I put my mind to it. I learned that I am a good roommate, and I learned that there is such a thing as a bad roommate (luckily, not from personal experience, but rather from stories shared with me from others). I learned that studying it important, but so is having fun. I learned that everyone has some sort of redeeming quality, and usually, it isn't that hard to find. I learned to love others and to show that in whatever way possible, because you never know how you are affecting someone else's day, or month, or life.

*Edit - I can't believe I almost forgot about her. I suck. 

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