Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chels/Ry (and Marcus!)

So, during the time that Christina and I decided we had spent a lot of time together and that we should live separate for a while I moved into a house just down the street from where we had lived before. I found the place by looking online at the BYU approved housing website and checking the places out. I knew that I wanted a private room and I thought it would be fun to live in a house instead of an apartment, but those things were my only criteria. I looked at several and most of them were so old they were kinda scary, or they were just really small and crowded or the room was too tiny. And then I looked at this one, and it was so cute and fun, and the land-lady was super sweet, and it just felt perfect and right. So I signed the lease and prepared to move in. The house had 3 private rooms and one that was intended to be a shared loft space, but no one else ever signed up for that room and so she had it to herself and there were just 4 of us in the house.

I met the girl who stayed in the loft-space (I say that loosely, it was more of just a giant upstairs), Chelsea, the day I moved in and we clicked right away. I felt like I had known her my entire life and that we had always been the best of friends. She was super fun and cute and perky. I envied the way she always had energy to go to work and to the gym and then come home and do fun things like cute crafts or paint the kitchen or whatever. And she even had time to flirt with boys. I looked at her and I saw this girl that I really wanted to be like. To top it all off, she was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met in real life. We had an easy natural relationship - we would hang out together when we wanted to and needed to, but we were always free to do things without each other and the other person would never feel left out of offended or anything. It was a great roommate and friend situation. We went to a Ward activity in October and she and I started talking to a couple of guys who lived down the road. She knew them a little bit, since one of them used to be her home teacher (in our church we have people who are assigned to come to your home once every month and give you a little spiritual lesson and help you with anything you might need), and she was flirting it up with him hardcore. The two guys were named Ryan (the ex-HT) and Marcus (who was his roomie). Somehow Chels and Ryan got into a game of kissing chicken and neither pulled back and so they kissed (I think - either that or it was a dare). That was the start of them dating. They had a whirlwind romance - and all throughout it the four of us would hang out (don't worry, Chels and Ry had their alone time as well).

They were soon engaged an to be married in May. The winter semester was a fun time. Chels wasn't in school at the time, and was working full-time, regular hours from 9-5. Ry had a job that he worked from 2pm-10pm (he might have been taking classes too - I don't recall because I suck). I had work from 4am until 730am, then classes in the morning but then I was off by about noon on most days. Ry and I would usually go to lunch (Marcus would go with us on his days off). Then Ry would leave for work and I would do homework or whatever, and then Chels would get home an I would hang out with her for a while. Then I would go to bed and Ry would get off work and they would hang out. We jokingly referred to me as 'the other woman' because often I would spend as much time with him as Chels. And since we went to lunch all the time it was almost like dates. Except he was totally and completely in love with her and so it was never actually a worry, but it was funny. That year was amazing. We all had so much fun together doing all sorts of crazy things. I went to a bridal show with Chels once, but future brides got in free and I wasn't one, so I lied and said I was engaged to Marcus so that I didn't have to pay.

From them I learned that love at first kiss can happen. lol. I learned you can be comfortable with someone instantly. I learned that beautiful girls can be nice and fun and crafty as well. I learned more than I ever thought I would know about computers and video games. I learned to appreciate indie films and art. I learned that weight loss happens in real life, and not just on tv or in the movies. I learned that true happiness can come from a short courtship and engagement. I learned that it is possible to hang out with an engaged couple without feeling like a third wheel (I know, amazing right?) These are some of my favourite people as well. I would live close to them again if I could. Even though I live so far away from them I am continually inspired by how crafty and amazing (and beautiful - but she can't help that ;)) Chels is and it makes me want to become more like her.

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Chelsea said...

You are too too nice, Mandi. I totally forgot about your and Ryan's lunch dates! Seriously, it was such a long time ago that I love reading about it from your point of view.

Regarding the kissing, I think we were having a 'staring' contest and Marcus smacked Ryan's chair hard enough that he'd kiss me. Or so the story goes.

I just remember how much fun you and I had going shopping and hanging out and how casual and laid back you are and that you're one of my favorite memories of Provo life. I mean, you're still one of my favorite people, but you'll always have a special place in the heart of mine I left in Provo.

I wish we lived closer! I think it would be awesome if Ryan graduated and got a job in the Pacific Northwest. So...maybe if you're still in the next 5 years, we'll be neighbors!